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Does your horse have a habit of spooking or are they a little girthy?

Do they tend to get upset or stressed when travelling or being ridden?

If so, this is the product for you! Suitable for all horses on grass, it maximises calmness and enhances physical performance and general health by assisting in the correction of pasture related problems.

DOSAGE (per day for a 500kg horse)

For severely symptomatic horses on grass:


  • 20mls twice daily for 3 days then 40mls twice daily for 3 days, then 60mls twice daily thereafter depending on severity of symptoms.


  • 20mls daily for 3 days, then 40mls daily for 3 days, then 60mls daily for 3 days and so on until daily dosage up to 80–100mls depending on severity of symptoms.


Maintenance for good health:

  • 20mls for 3 days, then 20 - 50mls thereafter.

INGREDIENTS (per 60ml)

Magnesium Chloride 36g

Organic Magnesium 750mg


Please note that this product is weighed in KGs which equates to the same in litres!