Flat Feet - Green Grass & No Supplements


This horse went off to a trainer to be started or broken in as some people refer to it as. 

He was sent with all his feed and supplements packaged into an easy to feed "one scoop” mix. 

Prior to leaving he was in great health and his hooves had excellent concavity. 

His daily feeds before leaving contained 60g of salt, 25g Duwell Minerals and Vitamins, 80mls Duwell Magnesium Liquid, oat chaff and a small amount of beet pulp and adlib hay. The trainer fed the horse as he was asked to until the feed ran out. The owner had previously mentioned to the trainer that when his feed stock got low the owner would supply more. The feed and hay lasted 5 weeks. After that the trainer felt "the horse didn’t need the feed or hay as he had heaps of grass”. The horse was at the trainers for 9 weeks. The owner went to pick up the horse up after 9 weeks and could not believe what she was seeing. A skinny horse with flat sore feet! 

The sudden lack of supplements and hay had caused big problems in his feet. The coffin bone had partially lost connection with the wall resulting in the dropped soles and loss of concavity. He now needed hoof boots to be comfortable when ridden and handled.  

Fortunately on returning home with rest and the reintroduction of the DUWELL supplements that kept him healthy before, after some months, he returned to good health and the concavity of his feet returned to normal. 

Other case studies have shown that dropped soles are reversible with correct feeding and supplementation.