Chelated Magnesium

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    • Energy Transformation
    • Benefits the nerve & muscle function.
    • Protein synthesis
    • Supports electrolyte balance

Magnesium is not stored so requires replacement on a daily basis. Modern feeds, pasture and forage are deficient in magnesium, leading to a deficiency in our horses. 
Organic or chelated forms remain stable inside the digestive system of the animal and are absorbed easily in the GI tract making them quick acting and able to be fed in small amounts.
Trainability, athletic ability and recovery from exercise can be greatly improved when magnesium is supplemented.
Magnesium has an important role in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin response. Horses prone to Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and laminitis respond well to magnesium supplementation.
2 - 5g dependent on requirement
1 Kg should last approx 6.5 months (for 1 horse)
2kg should last approx 1 Year (for 1 horse)