Is My Horse Affected by Grass??


Symptoms and things that can go wrong


Is My Horse Affected by My Grass?



Symptoms of pasture or feed-related mineral imbalances and Mycotoxicity can have the same symptoms. 
Adding a toxin binder is great way to make sure you horse is covered for every eventuality. check the toxin binder you use is a broad spectrum one as many only have limited binding ability. 
Riding and training related
Sweats easily /Foaming sweat
Hard breathing, thick windedness with light work
Lack of balance in flatwork , leaning in on circles, high head carriage, overdeveloped under neck muscle
Tenseness, inability to relax, fidgety, inability to keep still or concentrate.Difficult to teach. Not seeming to understand training.  
Back leg together cantering, Shortened stride and under-stepping, out of character refusal to jump. Stiffness
Girthyness, bucking, irritated by saddle, grumpy, touchy or aggressive to brush
Herd-bound or excessive attachment to other horses, fence walking, aggressive behaviour to other horses or people 
Spooking, shying, panicky behavior, fleeing from riders aids 
Floating and travelling related
Claustrophobia, kicking walls or scrambling, sweating up, out of character refusal to float
Health related
Lying down and colic like symptoms but doesn't respond to colic treatment, sore back 
Sore feet, flat feet, can't go without shoes (this is low grade laminitis), poor hoof quality
Constantly itchy, suffers with skin allergies, lung related allergies or asthma    
Hard to keep in condition, Equine Metabolic Syndrome– cresty neck but ribby, obesity 
Head flicking, photo-sensitivity, mud fever, sunburn
High blood potassium, low sodium, low magnesium