Happy Tumm



New Product - Happy Tumm

The new revolution in gut health for your horse!

Check out the photos below transformations sent in by customers.

Customers have reported these fantastic changes in their horses:

  • Dramatic coat and condition improvement
  • Huge reduction of ulcer-type symptoms including girthyness and grumpiness
  • A more muscular look to their horses
  • Less feed needed to maintain condition
  • Better quality hoof growth and reduction of hoof splaying and toe flare
  • Calmer and happier
  • And we expect more benefits to come…

Happy Tumm supplies vital nutrients and bio stimulants essential for gut health. Ensures proper feed utilization and mineral uptake to maximise performance and health.

Concentrated seaweed bio-stimulant extract – made from 100% wild-harvested New Zealand seaweed, using cool temperature extraction process for maximum bio-activity. Our clean oceans ensure a high quality product free from pollutants and heavy metal contamination. Stimulates gut bacteria and mycroflora.

Humates - highly sought after New Zealand humates are chosen for their quality and high levels of fulvic/humic acids. Humates promote and enhance beneficial digestive microorganisms ensuring efficient breakdown of pasture, hay and hard feed.

No sweeteners, filler or artificial ingredients. Can be fed safely with any other feeds and supplements.

Dose rate: 40-60mls daily