About Us

We help horse owners like you solve your horses behavioural and health concrens that are caused by out of balance feeding and pasture related issues. We provide effective solutions by way of extensively trialled supplement solutions designed for New Zealand conditions, together with one on one help and advice, case studies and website resources.

DUWELL was originally founded in 2002 by Emma Kay and is now proudly owned and operated by Cristy Hughes.

What Do We Do?

We are passionate about helping you and all New Zealand horse owners that are struggling with grass and dietary problems to resolve those issues so you can get back the enjoyment you long for with your horses.

Proven Track Record
We are leading experts when it comes to grass affected horses. This is a highly specialised area of expertise. We are instrumental in the development of products that solve the health and behavioural issues that stem from grass and feed mineral imbalances.

We have 20 Years of hands-on practical experience feeding large groups of horses with difficult pasture conditions. This is not the case with large feed and supplement companies. Much of their information is based on theory not reality.


The founders wanted to develop effective and affordable products that would enable horses to be healthy, be trainable and rideable. DUWELL products aim to:


  • Prevent common horse health issues due to poor nutrition and feeding practices.
  • Provide balanced vitamins and minerals that can develop and maintain horses at optimal health.
  • Solve common grass issues that can cause problems such as mycotoxicty, hyperkalaemia (too much potassium), Hyponatraemia (low sodium), equine metabolic syndrome, laminitis, difficult behaviour cause by grass mineral imbalances (spooking, shying, bucking) stiffness, poor movement and excessive attachment to other horses to name a few.
  • Stimulate appetite for horses that through a variety of reasons are underweight
  • Provide customers with the best products for an affordable amount.
  • Educating people that horse nutrition has a great impact on a horses overall health and wellbeing which leads to the horse being trainable and rideable.
  • Providing non-judgemental, realistic, knowledgeable and on-gong support to the changing needs and requirements of your horse.


Allow DUWELL to help you be proactive, not reactive to your horse’s nutritional needs. Call or email today for a consultation that will enable you to get your horse's health and behaviour back on track.