What Our Customers Say...

Hi team,
I have been very impressed with your products since switching over a few months back.

I decided around 4 weeks ago to start feeding your multi mineral and vit supplement to my pregnant broodmare as I was having a battle with mud fever that I was losing. Since feeding her your supplement nothing else in her diet has changed and i have been feeding it with meadow chaff, extruded rice and speedy beet (so no other supplements or added minerals) the difference in 4 weeks is astounding and she is almost 100 percent healed now!

I had tried all the topical lotions and potions and in the end just balancing her minerals and vitamins with your product has saved the day!

Thanks again!

Casey Irvine

Absolutely loving Duwell Happy Tummy. 1 horse I’ve been struggling to put weight now looks amazing and my looky/spooky mare is now so relaxed and calm she’s almost horizontal. They both look amazing and feeding time is now so

- Jan Hibberd 
Photo 2 Jan 2020

Absolutely loving Happy Tumm

We have used Duwell mag and the mineral mix for over 5 years now, our ponies live on cow pasture on Awhitu and the combination of mag & minerals keeps them calm, healthy and as a bonus they have great strong hoof growth and really shiny coats. Thanks Duwell team your products are fantastic
- Sarah Williams 

Vit/Min and Mag - Fantastic Results

Hey Emma!

Dont know how quick it all works, but I swear Jewel is calmer and happier! Plus she is looking fab!

Love the included measures too makes life easy.

Super chuffed to have my normal sweet pony not the spring dragon I usually have.

Will get in touch again soon for supplements for my old horse since this has been so good.

I have been singing your praises to the ladies I graze with!!



A very happy customer!

Esme Whinwray

Esme has become an avid supporter of Duwell products. 

This came about after finding the products made a massive difference to the health of her then 5year old mare Boo that had been written off as a hopeless case of irreversible respiratory disease. In Esme’s word "it didn't just make a massive difference, - it actually saved her life and returned her to a full riding career. From this point on Esme had every confidence in promoting the products and first-hand experience which is the most powerful knowledge when it comes to helping others. 

"it didn't just make a massive difference, - it actually saved her life and returned her to a full riding career" 

Esme is a highly respected Equine Sports Therapy Emmett4 Horses practitioner and a passionate rider and carer of horses. As an equine body worker Esme knows instinctively what it takes for horses to feel good and what things can really help them along the way.  

This is a case study of a gorgeous project gelding that Esme has enabled to blossom wonderfully.   

Pie came up for sale as a project…. I love a good project!

Collectively I love to put my time, knowledge (as an equine body worker) and products (Duwell) into play and watch horses’ shapeshift mentally, emotionally and physically. My absolute choice in Nutrition is Duwell…my ultimate must for every horse on the property, as a daily intake - HAPPY TUMM. This product alone has made changes in horses you wouldn’t think possible in such quick time - notable changes in Pie’s case, his coat firstly, he was uber fluffy on arrival as he has never been covered and it was mid-winter.  His coat got a gloss, old scabs from a skin issue started falling off, patches started to regrow (I never washed him nor did I use skin creams on his scabs, I let the cleanse come from the inside out) he had a narrow topline particularly from the wither to the lumbar, within two weeks it started to rebuild and take a new shape.

Pie on arrival 

His coat continued to become more and more shiny, his anxiety levels on the ground settled. Within less than 8 weeks his before and after photos, he looks like a different horse. Stronger, healthier with this amazing full shape.

Starting to look Fab!

At week 3 I added Duwell Compete and Grow to further assist in his progress as he was in work and needed to build healthy muscle. Compete N Grow enabled him to grow in physical strength, progressing in the right direction to my ultimate goal of an athletic, full of potential and talented horse that I knew he could be.

His food intake was a small feed of Dunstan betabeet, with a 1kg scoop of Coprice ricebran pellets, with a starting loading dose of 100ml of Happy Tum for the first 5 days, to get the goodies going, then dropped it to 80ml and the full 45g scoop of Compete and Grow.

And... "His ridden work is on point!"

I can go on all day about the benefits I've experienced in horses on Duwell.

Plain feed with quality nutrition - repeatedly confirms for me it's the key to amazing results. It doesn't need to be crazy expensive or a multitude of different products to achieve desirable results.

Fuelled with Duwell is health inside out.


Esme Whinwray

Tough to Shift Healths Issue No Problem for Duwell! Owner Very Happy!

Sue King lives south of Auckland and is a very passionate and extremely caring horse owner and rider.  Her horses are like family. Sue has years of experience caring for horses and has come to the conclusion that a proactive approach of good supplementation and proper nutrition works out most cost-effectively overall compared to the reactionary approach of having to call out the vet when things fall apart.

Sue has been kind enough to tell us about her horses so we can share her story, which will help others understand the importance of correctly managed nutrition.


Sue - Now able to enjoy her lovely PB Arab Xavier 

Here is Sue's account of the changes she has seen in her 3 horses - 

Ahi – Grey Arab Mare 24 years old

Health challenges prior to starting DUWELL products


  • Arthritis
  • Pain in hind quarters that is likely injury related
  • Was ribby in spite of regular feeding, free access to hay and full-time pasture turnout.
  • Dry, rough coat


Dental work – up to date.

Worm counts – no problems  


Ahi - NOW 


  • Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!!! 
  • Healthier and more lively. 
  • No longer ribby. 
  • Coat glistens and eyes sparkle. 
  • Skin around the eyes which was previously dull is now shiny as if "makeup” has been put on her.


 Sue is very pleased with how much Ahi’s health has improved. Looking after older horses is particularly challenging and finding products that really help gives owners great peace of mind.


Puna Wai – Grey Arab Mare 20 years old


Health and behavioural challenges prior to starting DUWELL products


  • "Allergies for Africa” says Sue.  
  • Heaves – compromised breathing –improved enough to stop medications
  • Extreme itchiness – would rub herself raw when pollen was flying.
  • Flies love her and would bite her legs until they were black and bleeding.
  • Very girthy – could take 10 minutes minimum to get girth done up
  • Cost thousands in vet fees to manage her issues rather than to cure them  

Puna Wai - NOW 

  •       Allergies have resolved.
  •       No itchiness 
  •       No breathing issues – Ventolin and inhaler sitting on shelf unused! 
  •       Girthyness has almost completely disappeared
  •       Coat stunning
  •       Eyes bright
  •       Way more interested in what is going on and socializing with people
  •        Minimal vet fees



Sue also changed her hay to a less dusty batch. This is a good thing to do. If you cannot change your hay, wetting it well can help ease respiratory issues. Be sure to use wetted hay within a 12 hour period and do not leave sitting in hot sun as mould grows quickly in these conditions.


Xavier - Grey Arab Gelding 10 years old


Health and behavioural challenges prior to starting DUWELL products 

  • Anxious and worried about a lot of things – scared of his own tail!!
  • Very reactive when being handled
  • Would very easily "Lose the Plot and be completely irrational” Sue reports. "Xavier has a lovely nature but he was rather difficult to handle and scary!

Xavier NOW - 

  • "Cool, Calm and Collected most of the time” says Sue
  • Interacts with everyone "Life and Soul of the Party Guy!” 
  • "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” 
  • Working well under saddle and in handIs interested in the world
  • Loves rides at the forestry
  • No longer behaves irrationally and doesn’t "Lose the Plot



Sue - on the right. Now lovely rides together with Xavier

Sue has been very enthusiastic about the positive changes in her horses. They were lovely horses before but now they can really "be themselves and show their true natures”.


What Duwell products did Sue use?

  • Happy Tumm 
  • Compete n Grow
  • Minerals and vitamins powder



Thanks for sharing your story Sue. We are very grateful.  We hope stories like this help people give nutrition the highest priority for their horses.

Sue - Waiau Pa, Franklin

A Complete Turnaround!

Her owner thought her horse's career was over due to a cough allergy ..... she had not responded to hundreds of dollars of steroids and other medications which she was on for several months.

With the right supplements from Duwell and a healthy feed plan, results were a Complete Turnaround for this horse!!!

We are so pleased for Sarah and her gorgeous mare Eve!!!

"I can’t recommend these products enough! March this year at a National event, my Mare developed a cough from a dusty stable. The cough progressively got worse, Eve has always suffered from allergies but nothing like this. It reached the point where she started gagging on her food and I got the vets in immediately. 
She was scoped and the results returned a severe respiratory disorder from allergies. She was quickly placed on steroids, oral inhaler as well as allergy meds twice a day with no results. 
Her riding career was looking at coming to an end and her life was on the line. I was at my wit's end as this Mare is incredibly special to me, I’m a para rider and she’s one a million horse. 
A good friend contacted me and recommended Duwell Happy Tum and mineral supplements. I jumped onto their page and decided to try them, as well as their feeding plan. 
In as little as four weeks Eve had gone from an uncertain future being ridden due to a severe respiratory condition to galloping around with no cough! 
I followed their feeding plan, to a T, added happy tum, their vitamin mix with mag and calcium mix. Saved her life! Thank you 😊
I can’t believe how fast this has turned her around. I have also put my 17 month WB onto it as well to ensure correct development. I’m a true believer in Duwell products! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Duwell, every horse deserves your products"
Sarah Williams

Sarah - Taranaki

Owner Now Super Happy!!Indy the pinto mare is now a happy trekker!

This customer had been struggling to have her mare Indy calm and happy out on treks.


Hi Emma, 

I need some advice as to what to buy to help my horse.

I have got to the stage where I really don’t like trekking (which is something hubby, friends and I do). Indy has never been a good trekker but she seems to be getting worse, which is maddening as she has a superb walk!!!  I have tried her up front on treks, and she still jig jogs…I’m over it…it’s uncomfortable and unsociable and makes me grumpy and sore! I’m too old for that nonsense - I’m 62.


Hi Emma 

I am over the moon happy with Indy!!!!

I went on a 4hr trek yesterday and she was PERFECTLY behaved!   It’s like a miracle!!!!

I started her on the Compete n Grow calcium and magnesium powder and Chamomile Calm last Monday and gave her the bigger dose of Chamomile Calm before we left for the trek.

There were 45 horses, and it was baking hot!  We started off near the front and she walked beautifully…got into an open paddock and I thought, I wonder how long this will last???….perfect. I could actually ride beside people and chat!

It was huge back country with big hills and we did quite a lot of trotting - and that will usually make her even worse….but she came back to a nice walk. Tied her up to a tree  at lunchtime without any drama…rode in the middle of the pack at times…perfect…and we led a small group of 11 for the shortcut home…I was able to open the  gates..she was perfect.

My husband and our friends couldn’t believe the difference - they all know what Indy is usually like trekking!

All this and she was in-season!!

 So THANK YOU Emma for your advice and products.  

 Kind regards

Eileen Menzies & Indy. :) 

 I am still finding it hard to believe how different she was yesterday!  :)  :)

Eileen - Taranaki

Reining Horse Success

I never thought i would move from what I had been using for years!

My horse's grass affected behaviour has now disappeared thank goodness! 
Im also not loading her up on heaps of different products. 

Pip has gone so well this season winning this beautiful rug

Thank you Emma for always being there when I need to run a problem by you! 

Trish Overington

Competitive Dressage Stallion

"Feeding quality supplements is top of the priority list for us. Apart from Duwell Vitamins and
Minerals actually being formulated for New Zealand conditions, we can trust that it is produced with
the best quality ingredients. I currently have my second homebred foal on the way and our
broodmare has been on these minerals from well before she was put into foal and will continue
long after- as will the foal. I can be confident that the growth and development of the foal and the
health of the mare will be given every opportunity by supplying them both with only the best quality
vitamins and minerals” Chanelle Walsh - Beaumont Stables

Chanelle and the Gypsy Cob stallion The Loveable Rogue.

Chanelle and Bellecara Gypsy Cob Stud, Ararimu Sth Auckland

Happy Tumm - A Glowing Report

Simple feeds and Happy Tumm produce a great result

Hi Emma

Well what a learning curve! This last 12 months has been!

We contacted you last year, when our little pony that we got in the summer last year, started flicking his head excessively, when autumn arrived. You recommended a programme of simple plain feeds, timothy chaff, beta beet, salt and restricted grass intake with heaps of hay. We also added happy tum to his diet.  

Our pony has come into work this season a much happier less spooky mount. A complete change from last spring and autumn! With our limited knowledge of the effects of grass and the wrong feed we had a pony who twitched, spooked and flicked his head. We now have a perfect sweet pony this spring well much happier and I swear from the Happy Tum he glows! He really is an amazing pony and simple feeding so much more affordable!

Thanks so much. The back to basics plan has been awesome!  These two will have a great season this year.



2018 Level 3 Dressage Pony of the Year

Hi Emma


We have several horses/ponies on the property and they are all on Happy Tumm. One pony suffered with mild stomach ulcers and very runny poos. Happy Tumm has helped heaps. Her poos have now firmed up and she stopped being angry when we brushed her tummy and tightened her girth.

Another one of our ponies Romeo’s coat became lush and shiny and his mane and tail are so thick now.

Holly our pony mare had runny poos and dull coat but her poo has firmed up and her coat is shiny and she is more even tempered now.

Mushu our Hanoverian x morgan is now more relaxed about coming and staying in the stables and his coat condition is amazing and he has a less noisy tummy too.

We would be lost without our Happy Tumm. This stuff has been a real game changer, it has helped all our horses in different ways both internally and externally….



Sarah Small

Sarah and Bella Small

Thanks for the ongoing help

Bellecara Gypsy Cobs

"Bellecara Amadora is our lovely filly by the The Loveable Rogue (Gypsy Cob) x TB/WB.  
As a newly weaned foal she spent 12 weeks boxed fighting (thankfully successfully) a significant hoof injury / pedal bone infection.  During that time she was on multiple antibiotics etc, we worked very hard and succeeded at keeping her internally healthy - thanks hugely to Duwell Vitamins & Minerals and Happy Tumm, which like all of our other horses she has continued on.  
She is now also on the Compete & Grow and over the weekend got to attend the NZ Show Council Inc Foal & Youngstock Show with good results and excellent behaviour and attention to her work.  
She is a completely well adjusted and conditioned yearling and we credit that in large part to the support she gets from her Duwell supplements.
Thanks for the ongoing help - Bellecara Equestrian and the photos courtesy of Kowhai July Photography

- Top photo - one year old
- 2nd photo - while boxed with injury
- 3rd and 4th photo - one year post injury at the NZ Show Council Foal Show.

Bellecara Equestrian

Your Mare Has No Future

"For the first time in 2 years my horse could canter without having a massive coughing fit”

Esme came to us recently after being told by her vet that her 5year old pinto mare had no future as a riding horse due to a diagnosis of Asthma, also known as Heaves. Over the previous 18 months, Esme had spent thousands of dollars on medications and had the horse scoped a number times with little improvement in the horse’s symptoms.

Esme filled out our health, feed and behaviour questionnaire which meant I could get the full picture of what was happening with her mare.

This is an account of our discussions and my recommendations.

Hi Emma

My horses name is Boo and I was told 2 weeks after her turning 5 she had no riding career as she has Asthma.. the most crushing news in the world …After all the other medication she now needs to go on ventolin. I need to talk with you if possible. I'm desperate to get her well.

This is her feed program –

Normal feed was - approx 2kg wrapped lucerne product, beet (1cup dry) 1kg big brand premix or another big brand premix.

Over winter she got this feed twice a day.

Supplements only feed once a day, flaxseed oil, cider vingar, garlic granules, dash dolomite and pinch of copper.

We had no grass over winter and they were in shelter a lot... hay was at liberty, nets always full.

Now grass is coming through. I last week swapped her to Lucerne chaff, 3 ice cream contained full.. 1kg of big brand nuggets, 1 cup beet dry. 40ml dy…., 1/4 cup cider vinegar with tsp garlic granules.

Oh I forgot to add the medication she is on

She is on Airways Powder, preddy granules when her heaves get bad, steroid shots every now n then, homopathic drops specially made up for her asthma symptoms.

As well as antibiotics when required.

This week she was supposed to start ventolin but vet rung and said he wanted to hold off another week and monitor how she goes this week.

I feel we are getting nowhere other than holding it at bay but it's taking a lot just stay on the mouse wheel.

Doesn't help we are having the worst winter on record 😕

Thanks again for your time.


Emma’s reply

I can see that we can make some great health boosting, anti-inflammatory adjustments to her diet that will help her immune system a great deal over time.

Firstly - We need to eliminate any premixed feeds that contain any soy products, soy oil or canola oil. These are all inflammatory and GMO. The opposite of what we want. Soy is bad for people and bad for horses. Read the labels thoroughly before you buy anything.

Ideally it would be best to leave out lucerne for now especially the wrapped lucerne products, but you may find she will not eat without the chaff so keep some in. Use 1-2kg (dry weight) beet pulp instead or as well as the lucerne or timothy chaff if you can get it. Beet is a great source of fibre and a cool energy source.

 DEFINITELY DON’T FEED garlic. This is a poisonous plant for horse and causes Heinz Body anaemia – damages red blood cells. 

There is also a big shortage of good quality bioavailable minerals present in her current diet. More and more research is showing how hugely beneficial it is to the immune system to use chelated minerals in the diet and detrimental it is to use inorganic forms – this is a great explanation - http://www.duwell.co.nz/resources/32/chelated-minerals-and-why-duwell-uses-them/

The seaweed fulvic acid based product you are using contains a potentially nasty spore forming thing they put in as probiotic – definitely don’t use it with your horse.  

DUWELL products that will be ideal for your mare

Flaxseed oil – Ours is cold stored. Flaxseed oil loses its omega 3 content quickly if it is not cold stored. Omega 3 EFA’s are highly beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and one of the main reasons for using flaxseed oil. We are the only horse feed company that cold stores our product.

DUWELL Chelated Minerals and Vitamins powder – Chelated forms do make a difference. Non-chelated forms can hook up with other elements creating harmful substances or latch on to food particles and be passed out without being utilized. 

DUWELL Compete n Grow magnesium and calcium in balance with phosphorus, vit D and boron.

DUWELL Pure MSM – This is one more thing in my range I wanted to mention that has been researched as great for lung inflammation.


There a 2 herbs that have been recommended by Hira Labs that will be a key part of her treatment. I am pleased to be a stockist of these products. I find them very effective where more traditional pharmaceutical treatments fail –


·        Is an adaptogenic  herb and can regulate important physiological processes

·        May be used as a tonic after infection, illness or injury.

·        Has anti arthritic qualities

·        Regenerates the hormonal system and stimulates the immune system.

·        Promotes the healing of tissue and has free radical scavenging ability

·        Traditionally used for detoxification and is used as an overall rejuvenative

·        Catalyses the anabolic processes of the body.


·        Gingkolides improve circulation to the brain and other parts of the body, bring oxygen to the tissues and enhance the uptake of glucose thereby helping metabolise glucose. 

·        Gingko works by interaction with receptors and enzymes that may reduce the effect of degenerative diseases and aging.

·        A recent study has found it to be a natural bronchodilator and effective in treating asthma in children.

·        One of the main features is gingko’s ability to prevent the breakdown of the lipid (fat membrane around cells) into inflammatory substances.

Equine uses

·        Gingko is ideal for horses with respiratory problems, heaves etc.

·        Suitable for use before an event or when new and strenuous exercises are being expected.

·        May be used to improve blood flow to the laminae when a horse has laminitis.


Feeds that will create good health in your mare

Freshly ground linseed – buy whole and grind yourself as it goes off quick – more anti-inflammatory nutrients

Coprice rice bran pellets – good for conditioning

Timothy or lucerne chaff

Beet pulp

Rolled barley

Esme’s reply after digesting the information….


Jesus... I'm killing my horse slowly. Very gutted as I researched everything I feed... everything reads like it's the best thing you could ever feed your horse! God that's frustrating on a level that's incredibly frustrating... we rely on the 'information' to be factual not just sound ideal.

Garlic granules ... poisonous.. holy heckL

……She is off everything now, I'm too scared to feed any of the nasties i have in there feed shed.. will see what local feed store has tomorrow as far as Coprice goes.. and will place my order tomorrow. 😉

Can't wait to get her started and recovering! 

I have her on Ventolin which I have to say the ventolin seems to of really calmed her symptoms.

Now to fix the underlining issue.

So I give her these products in one feed a day or split it into 2 feeds?


Thanks again for the info... I had no idea the damage these feeds are possibly doing.. lucky we connected! 





Don't feel bad. You are feeding what is very common practice. It is the same with humans. What has become accepted by the majority is far from healthy.

You may still need to feed some of what you have so she eats the necessary supplements and that will work just fine. 

 One other thing in my range I wanted to mention that has been researched as great for lung inflammation is msm. 

Esme took on all that I had said and was keen to getting going with the new recommended regime.

3 weeks on using the new program ….

Esme " I rode her the other day and she was on fire! She said you just sit there cause we are cantering!  So I just let her…I cant even remember the last time she felt like that! So we did laps and laps of the arena, then changed the rein and went the other way…then she had an adrenalin rush and started snorting! It was the happiest ride in forever! This photo is of her last week. To get her back jumping is just amazing! It has been an 18 month struggle so we are so happy!”

Esme could see improvements in the second week. When ridden her mare would cough initially then would not cough after that. Esme reported that for the first time in 2 years her mare could pick up a canter when ridden without going into a massive coughing fit. In that time she could only canter for around 45 seconds then fatigue from lack of oxygen would prevent her from being able to canter any further.


Would you be happy to share your story so we can help others?


O please do… I'm desperate to let others know going through anything similar that vets arent the only option. I was desperate to find knowledge and help for myself so please reach out to others with our story

We are so pleased for Esme that she has her horse back and we want to say thanks so much for sharing her story to help others in what seems a hopeless situation. 

Esme & Boo

A New Feeding Regime makes a Huge Difference to Hard Keeper “Max”

High protein feeds may keep your horse thin! 

This is a great example of how high protein, premixed soy and lucerne based feeds can be the reason for a horse's lack of condition - despite being fed large amounts them! 

Instead I recommend feeding plain feeds, including cold processed foods grown in New Zealand and quality supplements formulated for New Zealand conditions.

Max had been on the old regime for more than 6 months. His NEW regime had him greatly improve in only 6 weeks!  

Dani was so pleased with the results she got from Duwell, that she happily agreed to us sharing her story so others could get the same results. 

Thanks Dani! 

Owner:  Dani Crisp

Hi Emma

I am at a real loss as to what to do with my gelding. He’s still so thin despite getting fed twice a day. I’m feeding him several different things and just not getting results. It was always going to be hard to get weight on him over winter but i expected to see more than i do now. Can u recommend a feeding plan that doesn’t require feeding 7 different feeds and supplements and that will help him gain weight without fizzing him up? 

Per day he currently gets

2kg plastic wrapped, super high protein, lucerne product

1.8kg High protein soy based premixed feed

600gs Another high protein soy based premixed feed

1 Tablespoon salt

30gs HA joint product

50mls Duwell Happy Tum 

30gs other brand toxin binder

 All of the above is split into two feeds per day. He also gets 1/3 of a bale of hay per day. We have next to no grass here but he is turned out 24/7. 

I have previously tried him on 

500gs of high protein before changing to the omega.

1.5kg of another high protein premixed feed before switching to the safe and sound. 

1 cup (dry weight) of soy hull based fibre product but that made him lose the plot so he only ever had 1 feed with that in it. 

Emma's comments – I couldn’t reduce the number of products required but the results were worth it!

NEW Feed Regime:

 Beta or Speedi beet – valuable soluble fibre to help with digestion and therefore feed utilization.   500g (dry weight) soaked twice daily

Coprice Rice Bran Pellets – very fattening and palatable. Introduce gradually. Lacks calcium so needs to be fed with Duwell Compete n Grow. Start with 2 cups of rice bran pellets twice daily then increase to 500g twice daily over 2 weeks.

Duwell Hemp meal – this is an amazing product. Horses gain condition on this in no time. High quality protein with a multitude of excellent nutrition benefits. Feed 60gms twice daily. Freshly crushed linseed is another alternative or addition. Do not buy ready crushed as it becomes rancid very quickly.  

Duwell Compete n Grow – one scoop twice daily – vital for condition

Salt 30gms twice daily

Happy Tumm – 40mls twice daily – increase from 50mls once daily to increase copper and zinc uptake.

Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder – mycotoxins can affect health and inhibit feed utilization.

Dani Crisp

Cutie pies kept in great health

Such kind words from these lovely customers 😊 
Kathy and Rod Drake - 

Love the Duwell range. Emma is a fund of knowledge from having done so many hands on case studies over the years. Unlike vets who tend to get knowledge out of books and treat symptoms - often without the luxury of feedback from owners, Emma has taken problem horses/ponies and worked them through their problems and built up a knowledge of what is required to treat so many of the problems we are seeing these days in our grass fed horses. You can read some interesting case studies on Emma's website. Personally I have used her products for several years now on a range of ponies from laminitis prone shetlands to Kaimanawa's who tend to be severely grass and toxin affected, a 32 yo welshie who has Cushings etc. etc. I have seen great results in each case. Emma is very approachable and interested in each separate case and always happy to give freely of her experiences.

Kathy and Rod Drake

Buddy is now a more relaxed horse

Ingrid and Buddy -

Ingrid has gotten some great changes with her new horse 20yr old Buddy who showed signs of ulcers and has a tendency to be grass affected. Ingrid put him on a course of omeprazole after we discussed the pros and cons. We did not want to give him any soy products as he showed signs of a possible intolerance.
As omeprazole is only part of the ulcer puzzle Ingrid included Duwell products Compete n Grow, Organic Minerals and Vitamins Powder, Toxin Binder and MSM. He also has flaxseed which is great for adding condition. 

He has improved a good deal in his condition despite being 20 years old, his coat colour is restored to what it should be and he is on the way to being a much healthier happy horse.     

Hi Emma, 
Thought I would give you a update with Buddy - Here is a photo when I got him. He was super shiny when I got him, so proof that ulcer ponies don’t necessarily have a dull coat. He was quite bony and in light condition. He would stand head high most of the time and lacked topline. 
BUT look at his shoulder and neck Now! - and his hip bone isn’t sticking out! He is no longer sunken in round his hip, which my other horse always was when her ulcers were playing up. He no longer stands head high anymore either. Buddy is now a more relaxed horse. 

He is straight out of the paddock here (we love "real" photos Ingrid) so will send through another photo next time he has a bath. 

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!

Ingrid & Buddy

Calm and Happy Again

Hi Emma

Just an update - Arrows has improved hugely in his concentration and is way less reactive and flighty. The only thing I changed was to add your products so clearly they are magic!! Think I'm nearly out now so will do a quick check of what I'm out of and will reorder - just in time for spring grass madness : )

Thanks so much for your great products and your help :) 

Polly Joseph

What a difference!

Michelle Bogaard – May 2017

I so wish I had met Emma several years ago! The more I have learned about equine nutrition, the more dissatisfied I was becoming with trying to find a diet that was economical while also meeting all of the nutritional requirements of my various horses.

I have battled with so many feed products looking for something that will get weight on my TB’s and I have a weak spot for rescue cases so need products that really work! 
I have tried all of the popular big brand names and wrapped fermented lucerne products with very little success. 
The improvements I have seen in 8 weeks is beyond any I have achieved with various feed products in the last 4 years! 

It is especially great having Emma’s considerable knowledge an email away - I have yet to find a question Emma cannot answer!

The horses are LOOKING so much better!  – shiny and smooth even with shaggy winter coats, hooves are starting to come through looking more connected and solid, bald patches are growing back with healthy hair and rain scald is disappearing as new growth comes in – And - their attitudes are also calmer towards schooling and thoroughly more enjoyable to work with. We are already seeing glimpses of freer looser movement due to happier tummies and the horses seem to want to show off how good they are feeling. I am so excited to see what happens next season now the horses are happy from the inside out. 

Here are a couple of updates of the two horses in the Happy Tumm before and after video and one of our newest arrivals Olive – 

(2008) 8 yr old TB last raced October 2015– stuck his hind leg through a fence exposing ligaments during Xmas 2015 and subsequently lost extreme condition down to BCS 2. I picked Charlie up 2 weeks after his accident and began the long rehab of reducing scar tissue and teaching him how to reuse his leg along with gaining a lot of weight. His coat has always been on the dull side, no topline, grumpy demeanour and resisting the contact. Changing his diet to fibre based (Oaten Chaff and Sugarbeet) and adding Happy Tumm and Duwell’s Vitamin and Mineral mix has finally made Charlie pleasant to be around! While we still have a bit further to go; Charlie is now maintaining weight, building topline and becoming a willing partner both on the flat and jumping – watch this space!

Won Totara Park SJ Hack series –May ’17 after starting on Happy Tumm
June 1st – Charlie is now initiating PLAY with the other horses! It is quite recognisable that his personality is really starting to shine

Squirt (now sold)
(2012) 5 yr old TB gelding last raced March 2016 – Squirt had been a very good doer through winter however as his work started to step up he started to become difficult to maintain condition, became very girthy and ridden work became erratic in quality. Two weeks on Happy Tumm and the quality of Squirts work improved 100 fold we could execute our troublesome canter transitions without a thought, his threats no-longer held any real heat to them and it felt like he became happier within his own skin again


(2009) Bay TB Mare –

Arrived : 6 May ‘17

Known history: failed as a racehorse, tried at polo for 3 years before being sacked for not wanting to go into the line up of horses

Initial observations: attention deficit disorder, inconsistent in the contact, flight instincts on hyper-alert, insecure on own

Diet going forward: High fibre – Oaten chaff, betabeet, Duwell V&M mix

Notes: 30/5 – 3 days on 40ml Mag and we have focus and concentration when ridden, and can stand on our own when tied up without stressing or digging up the ground

Here is the befor and after video clip of Charlie and Squirt.

Thanks for the great feedback Michelle and we look forward to seeing updates of your equine stars. 

Michelle Bogaard

Its true what they say,

After having Happy Tumm recommended to us by a true believer… I can honestly say it has had an amazing effect on our ponies. All in different ways of course, as they all have different needs. But it’s very obvious that it can only be this product. We now have glossier coats, thicker tails and manes and healthier poo haha!! Its true what they say, "Healthy insides, shows on the outside”. Super product won’t be without it, you can add it to your feed or syringe it directly doesn’t matter as long as you are using it regularly you will see the results in a matter of a weeks.

Bella has also recently won 2017 Pony of the Year Level 1 and Reserve Champion NZ Young Rider Level 2 Pony - All on same pony she has trained herself 👍 Plus Bella wins at training level pony club eventing.

Well done Bella - You are an inspiration to us all.

Sarah and Bella Small

Excellent work

Thanks Emma so much! We are back after a long 10 day trip to Waikato APL Showjumping  

So very pleased with the team this week and wanted to tell you that Jack the little Pinto is a changed character on your products. He went into the Mystery Creek indoor arena this weekend with big screens/crowds/noise and never put a foot wrong. INCREDIBLE!  Such a big change from the pony we bought just 12 months ago now.

Jess went great at the show getting placed in the Mini Prix last week then getting 5th place in her first ever start in a Pony Grand Prix (Indoor).  1m 25-30 (terrifying) 

She also went clear on her first 1m10 on her young Pony Galaxy Mini Me.  

Thanks again so much


Excellent work - Jess Swailes! 

Jess and Jack

Cushings - Actually grass issues!

My horse Mac is a 24yr old warm blood that for the last three years has shown signs of Cushings disease.

Since relocating to Pukekohe from Whitford in January Mac’s condition deteriorated, he lost weight and, muscle tone, became extremely lethargic, was very depressed and sweated very easily.  I initially put it down to the change of environment and started hard feeding him which he had previously never required. Some days when I was home I fed him three times a day but he was still failing to gain weight. The vet tested and confirmed Cushings and said his symptoms were all related to the disease and suggested Pergalide. I had my doubts, he was prone to staggers and I wondered whether the wet summer and the pasture was to blame, I was very reluctant to start him the Pergalide.

Instead I embarked on my own research and found DUWELL’s Case Studies. I met with Emma and discussed Mac’s symptoms she recommended I start Mac on Happy Tumm, Broad Spectrum toxin binder, Calcium & Magnesium and Flaxseed oil. After a month Mac had gain weight no longer depressed and lethargic and basically was acting like a youngster again. I also put him in a paddock with predominately Kikuyu grass.

Without the intervention of DUWELL’s products I am sure Mac was on a down hill spiral that he may not have recovered from.  I am so grateful for Emma’s advice in saving my Mac. 

Christine Jenkins

Christine Jenkins

I cannot recommend your products highly enough!

Astrid purchased Chloe and was having a great time with her until she started being very spooky!

Fortunately Astrid got in touch and we quickly had Chloe back to her lovely self! 

Here is what Astrid had to say about DUWELL-

Thanks for all your help Emma - Chloe is back to her normal self which is absolutely wonderful!

I cannot recommend your products highly enough!  When my friend Sue said it had changed her horse, I knew I had to get in touch with you to see what DUWELL would do for Chloe. I am so happy!  

Astrid and Chloe

He looks so lovely

Hi Emma,

Just thought I should send you a few pictures of Geno to show you how amazing he is looking!! He looks so lovely now his summer coat has come through and he is gleaming (with minimal effort on my behalf)!

Thanks heaps for all of your help,


Bailey and Geno

Have been consistently pleased with the products and their effectiveness

I have been using the Duwell range for a few years now, and have been consistently pleased with the products and their effectiveness. One of my horses Era, was stand-offish and hard to catch unless it suited him. Now he comes for cuddles! He was very rushy and is so much calmer now.

I have found Emma Kay at Duwell so helpful and knowledgeable, and I know that I can get in touch anytime with a question or for some advice.

Recently I started using Happy Tumm. The difference in the horses is amazing, and all for the better (almost a different horse completely!!). The horses are holding condition great and are very happy.

To anyone considering supplements or finding a balance point for horses I would strongly recommend Duwell products, and talking to the fantastic team.

Joe Brown, Dairy Flat

Joe Brown

I could never have gotten this far with a green horse without Emma's invaluable help and advice

This is my 6 1/2 yr old stdbred mare who I purchased totally unbroken as a 5 yr old. When I first got her she was nervy , highly strung, etc. I then met Emma, and she has guided my journey with this lovely horse advising on feed and supplements, and has worked with us with training. I now have a lovely, manageable calm and happy horse that is doing very well in the show ring. After learning so much from Emma about feeding I can now read my mare well, and if I deviate from her magnesium etc and give too much grass I will have a totally different horse on my hands! She becomes highly strung and switched off!! I could never have gotten this far with a green horse without Emma's invaluable help and advice.

Kirsten & Chica

She is now a pleasure to work with everyday

I just want to say a huge thanks to Emma Kay for providing us with the fantastic DUWELL products, my Clyde/Tb mare was spooky and tense at certain times of the year and great other times. Rides at the forestry were hit and miss to whether she would be seeing "crouching tigers" in the cutty grass or not, she would even go to the extreme of not going down to the back of her paddock to eat her hay as something was "scary" down there. Since she has been on the mag liquid she is relaxed, forward and happy on every ride, her flat work is so much easier and she is more up in front. She is now a pleasure to work with everyday. Emma is friendly and goes well beyond the usual customer service required, you can see she is all for the welfare of the horse and for both rider and mount to have fun.

Thanks again,

Ashley & Sheena

My boy is back to being my main man again

For the last 4 years my big Holsteiner man Dude has been predisposed to Rye Grass Staggers affecting his ability to function normally as a horse. Having to take him off grass altogether, having him locked up independently of his herd and feeding him on a special diet has been harrowing for both Dude and myself as I travel often out of town on business. Unable to ride Dude due to his condition was frustrating but necessary as he was a danger to us both. After following advice from many others and finding that nothing was working, my neighbour (same issues) introduced me to DUWELL.

Everything changed.  My boy is back to being my main man again, he loves his forest rides and is such a Dude.  He has his personality back and has not had staggers since I have started him on DUWELL along with a toxin binder.   DUWELL really works in conjunction with a toxin binder and I am happy to support Emma and will continue to do so purchasing her product.

I suggest for anyone in similar circumstances to myself to give DUWELL a try.  Emma has been extremely helpful with advice and I recommend you give her a call and have a chat.  She was well worth the effort in mine and Dudes case and I’m very happy to write this testimonial with sincere thanks.

Love your product Emma.

Regards, Kim Turner (Recreational Rider)

Kim & Dude

She’s a pleasure to ride and she is happy in her work

Just a quick email as I couldn’t remember if you had put some (other brand magnesium) aside for me or not. I have got my fussy mare eating the liquid mag. And Oh My God, has she changed! This is the mare that had the nasty accident back in July, and was struggling in trusting everything around her again. But now she is chilling out and seems so much more happier about life. Whether its a combination of the treatments she has been getting to heal her ‘messy’ bod, but she is one big round ‘arab’ (doesnt even look like an arab until she trots around!). She is happy and calm....which I believe its the liquid mag helping with this. So thanks again for a great product!

So, if you had put your left over (other brand magnesium) away for me, I won’t be needing it now. I’ll be sticking to DUWELL magnesium liquid and my other mare is going awesome in her endurance riding. People are admiring her where ever I go. She’s a pleasure to ride and she is happy in her work. But I have to really watch what she eats as she is one good doer! Have a great day.


Photo shared with kind permission of - Morris Photograhy

Debbie Davies

Kaya was like a new horse

I have known Emma for ages and when I attended a horsemanship clinic at her place she noticed how spooky and reactive my mare Kaya was. I was finding it difficult to ride her and came off her a number of times in the forest and at the beach due to her spooking. I thought she was just too green for me. She would stare at things off in the distance and no amount of redirecting could get her to focus calmly on what we were doing. I really felt like giving up riding. Emma made some recommendations for changes to her diet including feeding DUWELL magnesium liquid, DUWELL Vitamin and Mineral powder. She also explained how salt was very important and reducing her intake of the grass I had at my place, that as I came to understand, contained too much of many things than she needed.

Kaya was like a new horse! She moved well and wasn’t spooky or distracted. I was able to ride her safely at the forestry and beach. Thanks Emma & DUWELL for your help. I now have a horse I can ride and am back enjoying riding like I used to.  She is healthy too and I am able to ride her without shoes. A good cost saving for me.

Joy & Kaya

He has gone from being a great pony to an AMAZING pony

Back in May 2013 we purchased a show jumping pony for our 12 year old daughter. He has been on the show jumping circuit for a number of years so knows his job well.

He arrived at our place with a known skin condition which was fine as the previous owners helped us to maintain it to the best of their knowledge, I tried many different things that I thought may help over a period of months, changed feeds numerous times - kept him on grass - took him off grass - it was starting to drive me mad! It was a touchy one as if we fed him too much feed he got hot and difficult to ride and not enough food he got skinny!

Then one day I went into the local vet’s and was talking about my situation. I felt like I had told the whole world my drama’s, then the reception asked if I had spoken to Emma from DUWELL. I rung Emma straight away, she was at my house within the hour, I must have sounded desperate!

Emma gave us so much advice, to which my daughter & I are so grateful. Emma recommended we change from the feeds I was using to plainer feeds with the addition of DUWELL Liquid Magnesium and DUWELL Vitamin and Mineral Powder. Over a period of a couple of months I cannot believe the difference in our pony, he has gone from being a great pony to an AMAZING pony. In a space of 2 shows he has given my nervous daughter the confidence she needed to jump from 90cm – 1.10m.

With a combination of recommended feeds and DUWELL products I have no doubt this has helped immensely.

Thank you,

Teresa & Sasha Kyd

He is becoming stronger

About 5 months ago I got my horse, Boy. He showed signs of being cold backed, either bucking/rearing when I got on or when we started cantering. He was very spooky and when jumping he would always stop, have a look then go over - whether it was a pole or a little jump. We also couldn't put reins over his head without him pulling back and doing up back straps was a touchy thing. We restricted his grass and put him on magnesium and toxin binder but that didn't change a thing.

We moved areas and the change of grass made him worse. It was at the stage where I didn't want to ride him. We then met Emma, she recommended a change in feed and supplements (DUWELL's liquid magnesium and DUWELL's vitamin & mineral powder). We now have a different horse. He isn't bucking and is confident in everything he does. with that he is always my first choice of horse to ride. He is becoming stronger because I am able to ride him everyday, he is able to concentrate and is obviously feeling good on the inside. Everywhere we go I always get comments on well he is going.

Emma was very generous with her time and knowledge, discussing options when appropriate and helping us choose feed and supplements that would help Boy but suitable for our ponies as well. We are very grateful to Emma!

Deni & Boy

Emma and her advice has been priceless

I bought Diesel to get back into riding after 12 years off. He is a 6 year old un-raced TB and stands at a solid 16hh.

Diesel was used in a riding school situation and seemed the perfect horse for me to have. When we saw him he had been on grass for 2 months as they had a rotation system in the riding school. I got him from Cambridge where the pasture is pretty different to Waiuku and Pukekohe.

Within the first 1- 2 weeks of having Diesel I noticed some serious changes. He was super spooky (not just new place spooky), he wouldn't stand still, he was very grumpy and jittery (especially to touch), he started bucking (totally out of character I was told) and he was super low in energy!

I decided to get Emma out after hearing great things about her and the products she had. Emma explained symptoms of a grass effected horse and he matched it to a tee! I was also hard feeding him on the WRONG stuff! High sugar foods with lucerne chaff...Emma explained what happens in the horses system simply for me and I decided to give her methods a go!

These are the following changes I made...

  • Manage grass intake better.
  • Have a supply of hay for him (which he loves!!)
  • Feed salt
  • Change food (now on oaten chaff, eezybeet and rolled barley)
  • Put onto DUWELL magnesium and mineral powders.

We are now 5 weeks on these new changes and I have a new horse! He is now a schoolmaster! Not only has his attitude and behavior changed but the appearance of him is a pretty drastic change! He is such a dude I decided to do my first ever ribbon day yesterday and he didn't put a foot wrong....

Emma and her advice has been priceless - I seriously started to wonder just what I had brought within those first 2 weeks.

Thanks Emma and DUWELL!

Sarah Hughes & Diesel

Happy horse and happy rider

I would highly recommend Emma's DUWELL products and her time and energy in helping me sort my horse out - awesome lady.  I have a purebred Arabian mare that had become spooky to the point of being dangerous to ride.

After trying to all sorts of 'miracle products' that are out there in the market I came across DUWELL products and so pleased I did.  Emma recommended the Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder and Compete and Grow. Improvements happened very quickly and now seven weeks later there has been a huge change and she is no longer dangerous to ride, is calm, happy and I have been able to resume endurance competition.

I can't thank Emma enough for developing these awesome products that work in conjunction with a basic diet.  Happy horse and happy rider.

Donna Boyd