Compete N Grow Maximise

2.5kg 5kg


For horses grazing kikuyu grass, growing or lactating horses, and competition or racing horses.

  • Contains an essential, bioavailable blend of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. 
  • Helps to ensure good bone growth in growing horses
  • Helps support milk production in lactating mares
  • Helps support healthy digestion with gut buffering calcium 
  • Supplies essential nutrients that support maximum physical performance and health
  •  Addresses any shortfall of these minerals in feedstuffs.

Please note the ingredients are listed as elemental amounts 

Elemental amounts per 40g dose - 1 scoop (enclosed)

Magnesium - 5g (from organic and inorganic)
Calcium - 10g (from organic and inorganic)
Phosphorus - 7g
Boron - 10mg
Vit D - 10,000iu
Dosage (per day)

500kg-600kg horse on kikuyu grass and for lactating mares 70g

500kg horse in work, racing or growing 50g

350kg - 400kg pony or a horse in light work 35g.

Dose rates are a guide only.


Hi Emma
I have run out of Compete N Grow and need more urgently!! This product is truly amazing!! I always see excellent results with every horse I use it on!! 

Debbie D, Competitive Endurance rider in the North Island

Lisa - Eventer  

Trish Overington - Never thought i would move from what i had been using for years but my horses grass affected behaviour has disappeared and not by loading up on heaps of different products. Thankyou Emma for always being there when i need to run some problem by you

Jessica was having difficulty building muscle on her horse and maintaining his condition - 
"Hi Emma,
Just thought I’d email you an update. I started the Compete and Grow immediately when I got it, and after a couple of days I could already see a difference, coat shinier, and you could almost see the condition building on him before my eyes. It’s been two weeks and he looks super sleek, still looks light but its more super fit like a race horse – light rather than skinny. (He is super fit though!!)
On the competition front, at the Northland horse trial we came 2nd in the CNC105, and then the following weekend we did out 1st 1* horse trial at Hunua and came 16th which is pretty good for our first go at that next level up. He absolutely flew around the cross country and we were 1 of 11 riders out of 30 odd riders who were clear and inside the time. So very chuffed with that, and he recovered beautifully.
Thanks so much for your help."

Thanks Emma so much! We are back after a long 10 day trip to Waikato APL Showjumping  So very pleased with the team this week and wanted to tell you that Jack the little Pinto is a changed character on your products. He went into the Mystery Creek indoor arena this weekend with big screens/crowds/noise and never put a foot wrong. INCREDIBLE!  Such a big change from the pony we bought just 12 months ago now. Jess went great at the show getting placed in the Mini Prix last week then getting 5th place in her first ever start in a Pony Grand Prix (Indoor).  1m 25-30 (terrifying)  She also went clear on her first 1m10 on her young Pony Galaxy Mini Me.  Thanks again so much 

James Swailes

Excellent work - Jess Swailes! 


Store in a cool, dry place.

More Information

Dosage (per day) - scoop is 45g

For 500kg - 600kg horse on kikuyu grass and for lactating mares 70g

For 500kg horse in work, racing or growing 50g

For 350kg - 400kg pony or a horse in light work 35g

Typical weights

Horses 14.3hh - 16.2hh 450kg - 650kg

Ponies 13hh - 14.2hh 300kg - 450kg

Active ingredients per 70g

Organic/Inorganic Magnesium 5g

Organic/Inorganic Calcium 10g

Phosphorus 7g

Boron 10mg

Vit D 10000iu

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