Toxin Binders

Why do your horses need a Toxin Binder? 

There has been considerable research conducted in relation to pasture related mycotoxin effects in livestock but very little with regard to horses. Due to this gap in available research, we can only draw from the information that is known about mycotoxicity in other livestock and use a proactive approach to ensure the likely effects of these toxic substances on our horses are eliminated or minimized as much as possible. 

In our resources section, we explore the symptoms seen in other livestock, the causes, and treatment options for our equine partners.  To go to that section and read the full article click here -

What DUWELL can offer for Mycotoxicity in Horses - 
DUWELL Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder is a highly effective, multi-action toxin binder, combining natural whole yeast and clay products, ideal for horses in New Zealand conditions. 

Symptoms of mycotoxicity can range from spooking, shying, ill thrift, excessive sweating and itchiness. 

Our pure, quality ingredients have strong binding abilities, containing B glucans and yeast mannans that elevate over-all immune activity in the intestines and work actively at all levels of digestion.  Will not bind with nutrients or negatively affect health.  

Supports growth in young animals. 

Ideal to feed with any of the Duwell range of products. 


Here is a lovely testimonial from Kirstin Kelly, a hugely popular equestrian coach. Kirstin is a professional equestrian. She has lived the dream since leaving school at nineteen. Kirstin studied in the U.K achieving her British Horse Society Intermediate Instructors Certificate (B.H.S.I.I) enabling her to coach riders to fund her own three-day eventing dreams. Kirstin has had a long, successful career. She represented New Zealand several times, competed at Adelaide 4-star and was long listed for Sydney Olympics.

As well she produced a string of fantastic advanced horses, three of which went on to compete in the World Equestrian Games and Olympics. Kirstin has produced over one hundred competition horses that she exported to the U.S and U.K.

Kirstin also produces training videos and articles, available through her website and her facebook page I would highly recommend checking this out.   

We are so pleased to be working with Kirstin Kelly and her students

Hi I’m Kirstin Kelly, 
I have been working with horses for over 30 years. I have produced Olympic level three day event horses and taught hundreds of riders ranging from professional to beginners. I am based in Pukekohe, South Auckland where the grass is rich and grows like mad, sending horses bonkers. Over the years I have had to resort to spraying out entire fields so the horses didn’t eat any grass, to having to constantly yard them and trying every different toxin binder and magnesium on the market. 

About 6 years ago I met Emma from "Duwell” a New Zealand based company who makes products for our tricky New Zealand conditions. I found her so refreshing to meet as so many vets at that time really scorned any theories that horses suffered from being "grass affected”. The list of problems I saw frequently in my own horses as well as in students horses were something she confirmed as being real and told me how we could work together and fix them. Since that time I use Duwell products on my horses and supply Duwell Magnesium Liquid, Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder and Happy Tumm to my students. I have never looked back. 

I meet riders who assure me, it’s not the grass making their horse a pig, he has always been distracted, stubborn or I already feed a toxin binder but encourage people to try Duwell products as I know they work. I had tried so many other products over the years and have found the consistent quality and performance of Duwell products is right up there.  Used in conjunction with the liquid Magnesium which is high quality and rapidly absorbed, the horses stay more relaxed, have softer muscles over the back and don’t suffer from spookiness like they used to.  

Kirstin Kelly

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